February 14-15 Weekend Recap

I started the weekend out by singing at a funeral on Saturday morning (I sang Amazing Grace and I Can Only Imagine).  A single dad who had attended Living Streams off and on for the past five years had an accidental drug overdose.  It was a pretty tough funeral, even though I didn’t know him.  Two of his three young children were there, and it was very difficult to watch them sitting with family in that front row, and not imagine my own kids.  It’s interesting how these moments hit you, but it was pretty emotional just being around it.  I’ll be praying for those kids as they grow up without their dad.

So, after a quick nap, it was on to rehearse and lead the Saturday night service.  Being Valentines day, there weren’t quite as many people there, but it was still a good service.  As I’ve been transitioning into this new position at the church, I’ve decided to pretty much do the same songs for our Saturday and Sunday services to build a sense of continuity and purpose to our Worship Arts program here.  The Saturday night service is totally different than Sunday mornings, but it’s working to use the same songs, even if I mix up the order a bit.

Sunday services were really cool.  There was just a sweet sense of God’s people worshipping, and it really felt like God was moving on many hearts.  I introduced a new song (Savior) during the offering, and then brought it back at the close of service.  Here is the song list from this weekend:

If you were there….what thoughts did you have on the services?


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