June 27-28 Weekend Recap

Knowing GodThis week I have been spending a lot of time thinking about how God is aware of us…how He knows us….how He loves us!!!  Here is this all powerful creator of our world, and He thinks about us….He hears us when we talk to Him….absolutely humbling.

In this, I’ve been prompted to look at my life and evaluate if I am any closer….if I know God any better than I did yesterday…..last week….last year?  I’m desperately wanting my connection to God to be a great relationship….not just an acquaintance where I just know or think about God.  I’m sure this isn’t something I’ll see grow and change overnight, but I’m on this journey to really look for and know God everyday and with all of me.

Here is the set from this weekend:

Friend Of God – D/E
Let Everything That Has Breath – E
My Jesus I Love Thee – B  (with new chorus by Andy Allen, recording not yet available)
Majesty (Garrard/Smith) – C
Giving It All – G

I hope and pray that we will all know God more today than yesterday…and tomorrow more than today.



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  1. Andy,

    I have been on this same journey you speak about this past weekend too. I have started to delve deeper into my bible study and I am talking longer to God when I pray. I am also listening when I pray and spend a lot of time in silence just listening. I am not a very eloquent speaker, but God knows my heart and knows what is best for me. I keep praying that God will give me strength and wisdom, attributes I am very weak on. I have been studying the beattitudes and really learning about what Jesus was actually saying. I have learned much by studying them. I am trying to let those attitudes take over my selfish self and focus on Jesus and the promise we have in HIm.

    Have a good week Andy,


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