August 15-16 Weekend Recap

Chillin' In The Green Room

Chillin' In The Green Room

Friday night we had the kickoff of our week of 24/7 prayer.  I led a worship set with Pam and Luis Acosta as part of a 3 piece.  There were only 35 people who came, but I have to say it was the coolest time of worship I’ve been in since I came to Living Streams last year.  Everyone showed up wanting to engage with God in worship and jumped into praising and worshiping fully.  I’m praying that this will become more like what we see happen in every service here.  All people all in!

Saturday and Sunday services went well.  We’re in the middle of redesigning part of our platform to move the drums and install a new cage with more acoustic treatment, so there seems to be a bit of an ‘under construction’ feel.  It was good to worship with the people in our church and continue to see new people coming out each week.

Here is the set list from this weekend:

Let Everything That Has Breath – E
All Because Of Jesus – A
My Lord Jesus – A (Andy Allen original, recording not yet available)
Savior – A
Overcome – A  (Sun. only)
Shout Unto God – G
(Sat. only)

Enjoy your week!



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  1. Andy – Great to hear things are well at Living Streams! I got to play an amazing spirit filled gig friday night and it just blew me away. God really took over and made us play well outside ourselves. Too cool. While playing Say So I thought of you and how much fun that song would have been to play with you. Anyway, all is good In Sacramento. Please give Pam a big hug from Lisa and I !

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