October 24-25 Weekend Recap

Mimi's Monkey PartyThis is Birthday Week at our house.  Three birthdays within a week, Pam, Maggie & Kieran.  We had a “Monkey Party” for Maggie on Friday.  I’ve always called her my little monkey, so she wanted to have a jungle monkey theme.  Pam is so creative and turned our family room into a little jungle complete with palm trees, vines and monkeys everywhere.  We played pin the tail on the monkey and all wore monkey masks.  It was so fun!  This coming week we have a “Rockstar Party” for Kieran.  I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.  Gonna be a lot of teenagers crashing our place…should be exciting.

Saturday, Luis Acosta led worship and did a great job.  David Stockton spoke from the final chapter of Jonah on both Saturday & Sunday.  I led worship Sunday morning and it was fun to see so many people singing one of my originals.  We’ve done it quite a few times over the past 8 months, and everyone is jumping right in and singing out as much as other songs that are more “mainstream” worship tunes.

The set list Saturday: (led by Luis Acosta)

Rain Down – E
Our Love Is Loud
– E
How He Loves
– E
– F#
Fire Fall Down
– F#

The set list Sunday:

Great Is Our God – A  (Andy Allen original, recording not available yet)
Everlasting God
– B
– G
– A
Blessed Be Your Name
– B

Enjoy your week…maybe you should throw a party!



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