Living Streams Worship ::: January 9-10/2010 Weekend Recap

I went a different direction this week and rolled all our songs with percussion loops from Reason & Garage Band without a percussion player on the team.  I led from keys and we worked the “unplugged” vibe in our set.  It was fun to mix things up a bit and have our worship time both look and sound different.

Here is the set list from this weekend:

Jesus Messiah – A
You Are Good
– A
My Jesus I Love Thee – A   (with new chorus by Andy Allen, recording not yet available)
– D
Draw Me Close
– Bb

Hope you have a great week!




  1. Wish I knew what you know. I’ve been fumbling around with recording for years and still haven’t figured it out to the point where my recordings have a quality sound. Nice songs.

  2. Keep workin’ at the recording thing. It takes time and patience to get a good feel for how to get good tones down to “tape.” Engineering is definitely its own art….I’ve been working on it for a good 20 years now….crazy to say that, but if you keep at it you’ll figure out what works best for you.

    Cheers –


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