Living Streams Worship ::: February 27-28/2010 Weekend Recap

Friday night we hosted a comedy show at the church.  It was a fun evening with something for everyone in the family.  We love to laugh together anyhow, so it was great for us.

The weekend services went off great.  I introduced an original that we’re going to move into our rotation, Waiting Here.  Sunday, I also brought in Here In Your Presence as special music and have plans to add it to our rotation as well.

Here is the set from the weekend:

Holy Is The Lord – A
Everlasting God
– B
My Lord Jesus – B  (Andy Allen original, recording not available yet)
Waiting Here – E  (Andy Allen original, recording not available yet)
Here In Your Presence
– D
Alabaster Jar
– D

Enjoy your week –



Living Streams Worship ::: February 20-21/2010 Weekend Recap

On Saturday morning Pam & I were invited to come sing at talk about our work with World Vision at the Living Streams Seniors Ministry lunch.  I like to sing, I really like lunch and I love to talk about the work World Vision is doing, so this was a no brainer.  Even though there were only 23 people there, it was really exciting to see 4 kids get sponsored.  So cool!

Sunday I flew to Dallas with several guys on my team to attend the Gateway Worship Conference.  Sitting in the Phoenix airport we saw Scott MacIntyre from American Idol, season 8.  Had to grab a (blurry) pic for the kids…HA!

For the Saturday night service, I decided to go with a pretty basic band.  It was nice to let the sound breathe a little and give space to the three players and two vocalists.  Sunday morning services was pretty much the opposite.  We had a full band with both piano and synth, two guitars, bass, drums and two vocalists.

Here is the set list from the weekend:

All Because Of Jesus – A
My Savior Lives – A
Be Thou My Vision – E (with new chorus by Andy Allen, recording not yet available)
Revelation Song – D
You Are My King (Amazing Love) – D

Hope your week is amazing!


Living Streams Worship ::: February 6-7/2010 Weekend Recap

Ahhh…the Super Bowl.  Rarely am I very interested in the game itself.  Our family is generally more excited to see all the commercials than the game.  Last year, because we had just moved to Phoenix, there was an excitement here because the Cardinals were in it.  This year it’s pretty much about the commercials again.  I’ll make my ridiculous Super Bowl dip and we’ll pile on the couch for a few hours.  Fun times.

I took last weekend away to see what was happening at a couple other churches in the valley.  It was a nice change of pace, and I appreciate Luis Acosta and Jay Murphy for leading in my stead.

This weekend we had two very solid teams and our services went great.  There was a great flow and ease to the worship sets.

Here is the set from the weekend:

New Doxology – G
Awesome Is The Lord Most High – G
Your Name – G
Savior – G
All Who Are Thirsty
– G

Have a great week!


Living Streams Worship ::: January 23-24/2010 Weekend Recap

The services went really well this weekend.  Even with separate teams on Saturday and Sunday services, there is a cool flow to the way the tech and platform teams are working together.

We’ve used a click off and on, but I’m implementing it on a more consistent basis now.  We’ve purchased a Tama Rhythm Watch and our drummers run it.  Over the past year I’ve changed the way we’re set up on the platform, moved completely to a quiet stage with In-Ear Monitors and now bringing in the click to keep the band solid.  Change can sometimes be a challenge, but kudo’s to my worship peeps for hanging in there with me.  I’ve seen a huge improvement in the technical and musical side of our worship ministry.

Here is the set from this weekend:

Mighty To Save – G/A
Great Is Our God – A   (Andy Allen original, recording not available yet)
Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King – C
Hosanna – E
Beautiful Beautiful – Dm (Special Music Performed by Ivy Weesner)
All Who Are Thirsty – G (Saturday)
Son of God – G  (Sunday)

Have a great week!


Living Streams Worship ::: January 16-17/2010 Weekend Recap

I spent a lot of this week staying up on everything that has been happening in Haiti since the earthquake there.  It is amazing to watch people respond when we see our brothers and sisters underneath the weight of tragedy.  I’m struck by how quickly most people will rally together in the reality that we’re all connected in our human condition.  I’m also struck by the idiocy of some who would try to be a voice for Christianity and completely miss the chance to extend hope and mercy to people in their greatest hour of need.

I was watching CNN and saw a man who was trapped under the weight of a concrete building.  While his friends and neighbors worked desperately to free him as no rescue crews were there, a reporter asked him what was going through his mind.  The man said, “As I’m a Christian, I say ‘Jesus, my life….my life is in your hands.'”  I can’t imagine for a moment that the blanket condemnation and judgement issued every person in Haiti by Pat Robertson could have been more off the mark as this man, literally facing death, solemnly declares his faith and hope in Jesus.

I would be remiss not to direct you to a place where you can help.  I’ve worked with World Vision for over 10 years and know that they are one of the largest, if not the largest, groups on the ground in Haiti serving the disaster victims. World Vision has been working in Haiti for more than 30 years and has 800 staffers there….they are some of the first responders and you can help by donating and praying.  You can click on this link, or Text to 20222 and make a donation.

In our weekend services we also talked about the work going on in Haiti.  We prayed for the people there and had one of our Elders talk about the work Food For The Hungry is doing in Haiti.  It’s somewhat surreal to know there is so much suffering in our world while we continue to go about our usual routines.  Another reminder of how much we have and what we take for granted living here in the US.

Here is the set from this weekend:

Hosanna – G
Today Is The Day
– D
– A
I Surrender All – A
(Traditional Hymn)
How He Loves
– A (Saturday only)
In The Secret
– G (Sunday only)

Praying for Haiti –


Living Streams Worship ::: January 9-10/2010 Weekend Recap

I went a different direction this week and rolled all our songs with percussion loops from Reason & Garage Band without a percussion player on the team.  I led from keys and we worked the “unplugged” vibe in our set.  It was fun to mix things up a bit and have our worship time both look and sound different.

Here is the set list from this weekend:

Jesus Messiah – A
You Are Good
– A
My Jesus I Love Thee – A   (with new chorus by Andy Allen, recording not yet available)
– D
Draw Me Close
– Bb

Hope you have a great week!


Living Streams Worship ::: January 2-3/2010 Weekend Recap

Happy New Year!!!

I go back and forth between loving and hating New Year’s as a holiday.  While I enjoy the sentiment of a new beginning, there’s just so much emphasis on a “new start”, most of the time without a matched commitment to change.  I guess this is why I don’t do the New Year’s Resolution thing.  Either that or I’m just a curmudgeon…jury’s still out on that one.

Both the Saturday and Sunday bands rocked this weekend.  It was a lot of fun and there was a sense that everyone at church was into worship…very cool.

Here is the set list from this weekend:

Friend of God – D/E
Let It Rise – E
Be Thou My Vision – E  (with new chorus by Andy Allen, recording not yet available)
The Stand – A
Save Me – E

Cheers –