March 14-15 Weekend Recap

Magnum Opus @ Lux Coffee BarThis weekend started off with Magnum Opus being held at Lux Coffee Bar, Friday evening.  Luis Acosta is doing a great job of connecting with people in the community who have a passion for The Arts, and reaching into people’s lives through creativity to show them the love of God.  Next month, there are plans in the works to tie Magnum Opus in with First Friday, a monthly celebration of art in downtown Phoenix.

Our services at Living Streams are Saturday at 5:30 PM, and Sunday at 9:00 & 11:00 AM.  Here are the songs from this weekend:

Holy Is The Lord – A
Great Is Our God – A  (Andy Allen original, recording not available yet)
Savior – A
Jesus Paid It All – A
I’m Forever Grateful – G

I didn’t plan on having all the songs in our main set be in the key of A, but as the set developed, it just kind of happened that way.  My initial feeling was that it lacked creativity, but there was just a smooth flow with how the set fit together, that I couldn’t change it up.

The worship times at all the services were refreshing.  The presence of God felt incredibly close, and people were really engaged with what God was busy doing.  Sunday morning, we started having Pastors and Elders come forward at the close of service to pray with people.  Pastor Mark’s message really struck a chord with people, and there was a really cool response and prayer time as the service closed.  In the weeks to come, I’m so excited to see more people impacted by the truth of God’s word, and the love of Jesus.

I’m currently gearing up for Easter.  Praying and planning.  Please pray with me as we anticipate people coming to worship with us who really need Jesus in their lives.



The Basement

I’ve been at Living Streams for a little over two months now, serving as the Worship Arts Director.  One part of the vision I’ve had in taking this position is to see a creative community of artists come together.  I want to be a part of a community of creatives who are wanting to use their talents to reflect the glory of God through our art and expression.  Moving into a new city and state, this was seemingly a goal that would, at the very least, take many months to connect to.  God’s timing is different!

Our church has been in this facility for the past two years.  There is a large area beneath the sanctuary, and it has been serving as the church storage area since they moved in.  The staff affectionately referred to it as the dungeon.  When they told me that this area was mine to use and develop, I began to see a ton of potential.  I began to see a venue that we could open up to musicians, artists, photographers, videographers and other performing artists as a place to use their art.

Tonight, with the help of quite a few people, we had our first event in The Basement.  Magnum Opus – Creation Night is a monthly event that is all about creating art through music, pen, lens, brush, clay, whatever.  Starting this coming week, we’re going to have weekly Open Mic Night on Thursday’s.  The Basement is now a venue where creativity and artistic expression come to life.  It’s a work in progress, like most of us really, and it’s going to be a safe place for people to come and hear the whisper of God.

I’m praying for God to do some incredible things in this place we’re redeeming, and calling The Basement.  I’m praying for God to pour out grace on us to reach into the lives of people who don’t always fit and gel in the corporate 9-5 world.  I’m praying for God to amaze us with His creativity and purpose.