Christmas Eve Services

Christmas Eve services are a pretty big deal in our church, as with most churches.  It’s a fun time with families coming together and celebrating Jesus together.  We lean more toward using traditional carols and encouraging everyone to sing along.  We threw in a couple new ideas to the mix to keep it interesting and the services went off great.

I want to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone on our band and tech teams who gave up time with their families to serve with us on Christmas Eve!

Here are the songs we did in our services:

All Creation Sing (Joy To The World) – D
Angels We Have Heard On High – E  (traditional carol)
Hark The Herald Angels Sing – F  (traditional carol)
O Come All Ye Faithful – E   (my arrangement of the traditional carol)
Pie Jesu
Silent Night – G
(traditional carol)

Merry Christmas!!!



December 19-20 Weekend Recap

With Christmas season in full swing, I’m thankful for everyone on the team who showed up this weekend to serve in our worship ministry.  Some weekends just have a more difficult “feel” than others and this was one of those for me.  I’m not exactly sure why that is, but it happens every now and then.  Sunday morning I broke a string during rehearsal (not terribly unusual), the battery died in my guitar right as second service started (had to make a guitar change mid-song and switch out the battery during a quick break between songs), and then as I reset my mic stand for special music, it toppled as I was walking to the back of the platform.  Nothing that took us out of the flow, but just those little detail things that sometimes are unavoidable in the many hours we spend “live” in services.

Saturday night, David Stockton asked me to sing the Chris Rice song, ‘Welcome To Our World‘.  That was a fun change-up for me singing the tune solo at the piano.  Sunday, Jay Murphy sang ‘Mary Did You Know‘ and did a great job.

Here is the set we did this weekend:

Awesome Is The Lord Most High – G
All Creation Sing (Joy To The World) – D
Hark The Herald Angels Sing – F  (traditional carol)
How Great Is Our God – C
Jesus Messiah – A

Merry Christmas!


December 12-13 Weekend Recap

I was watching a TV show this week where everyone was trying to politically correct about the holidays, trying not to offend anybody’s beliefs.  It was brought together in a pretty funny way without being disrespectful.  At one point, one of the guys trying to be festive and not offensive parades into a room and proclaims his greeting, “Merry Happy!”  Funny commentary on our culture, I think.

Our services this weekend are feeling festive because of the decor and the general sense everyone brings with the season this time of year.  My favorite Christmas song is O Come All Ye Faithful and it was great to have it as part of the set.  Our bands and tech teams did a great job in putting on all 3 of our services.  I’m thankful for so many great people committed to this ministry.

Here is the set list from this weekend:

My Savior Lives – A
Jesus Messiah – A
O Come All Ye Faithful – E  (my arrangement of the traditional carol)
Jesus Paid It All – A
How He Loves – A

Merry Happy!


(okay….Merry Christmas!)

December 5-6 Weekend Recap

This week was spent diving deep into programming and planning for the Christmas season.  Finalizing arrangements and fine-tuning sets…great fun because I love Christmas!

We introduced Chris Tomlin’s ‘Jesus Messiah’ as a special on Sunday.  The song has a seasonal relevance and will be nice to have on our roster in the coming year.  Our platform is decorated for Christmas and there just seems to be a festive expectation when people get together…so it’s a fun time of year in our services.

Here is the set from this weekend:

Today Is The Day – D
Joy To The World – E
(my arrangement of the traditional carol)
Wonderful Maker
– G
– G
Jesus Messiah
– A
You Are My King (Amazing Love)
– D

Merry Christmas!