Easter Worship ::: April 2-4/2010 Weekend Recap

Easter in the church world is a pretty big deal.  Lot’s to do and plan for because there are so many people who visit church on this weekend.  It’s kind of a cool opportunity to connect with the people who might only check out a church once or twice a year.  Ultimately it’s a big deal not just because people tend to show up, but because they might be more open to spiritual things and we can introduce them to Jesus.  That’s what motivates me!

We had a Good Friday service to set aside some time to remember and reflect on what Jesus did for us by dying on the cross.  Some worship, communion and an illustrated sermon by our ministry team…pretty sweet.

Good Friday set list:

Jesus Messiah (Chris Tomlin)
The Wonderful Cross (Matt Redman)
The Old Rugged Cross (Traditional Hymn)
Once Again
(Matt Redman)

Saturday was pretty crazy.  I sang in a wedding at the church right before the evening rehearsal and service.  We had to quickly turn the stage and reset to rehearse the band and have service.  Sunday we had a “Sunrise Service” in the courtyard outside which added to the work for our tech team.  It’s funny to me that we call it a sunrise service because the sun has actually been up for almost 2 hours….tradition (insert Fiddler On The Roof tune here.)  Our two main services were packed out and went great.  I love the energy that happens in services on Easter.

Here is the set from our main Easter services:

My Savior Lives (New Life Worship)
Savior (New Life Worship)
Nothing But The Blood (Traditional Hymn & Matt Redman’s Chorus)
Jesus Paid It All (Kristian Stanfill)
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today (Aaron Senseman)
The Saving One

I absolutely love this new song from Starfield, The Saving One:

“His Love Has Made A Way / The Grave Is Overcome / Jesus Is The Christ / The Saving One”

Happy Easter!


Living Streams Worship ::: March 27-28/2010 Weekend Recap

Palm Sunday.  I spent some time thinking about how the people celebrated Jesus coming into Jerusalem.  It hit me that what is this huge event written about in the Bible was pretty much a spontaneous thing.  There wasn’t a programming director calling cues and coordinating the entrance at just the right moment with lights and music playing.  People got happy because they saw Jesus…they saw God riding into town on a little donkey.  How cool is that!

I’m wondering why we seem to need so much encouragement to show up and get excited about spending time with God in our church services?  I’m guilty.  But then there are the times when I’m super pumped about getting to spend time worshipping Jesus with a bunch of other people who share my faith and then it seems like they’re kind of “whatever” about getting to connect with God together.  It’s confusing.  I’m trying to sort it out, I guess.

Any thoughts you might want to share on that?

Here is my set list from this weekend:

Hosanna (Paul Baloche)
Today Is The Day (Lincoln Brewster)
The Stand (Hillsong United)
The Saving One (Starfield)
Hosanna (Hillsong United)

OK, this is weird.  I went to get a link from iTunes for The Stand, but it seems that all Hillsong material has been pulled from the iTunes store.  Anyone know why?

April 10-12 Weekend Recap – Easter

I have been so excited about our Easter services.  It really felt as though our staff and church has been experiencing a great deal of spiritual resistance over the last couple weeks.  Over the past few years as a touring worship artist, it became increasingly clear that when our ministry and family was experiencing spiritual challenges, God was about to move in a powerful way.  In time, I learned to become hopeful and excited about what God was going to do in people’s lives when we saw hard circumstances facing us.  That’s what has happened in me these last few weeks…I found myself growing more and more excited as we found ourselves dealing with difficult experiences in our church.

Saturday and Sunday services brought a special energy to our campus this week.  There was a marked sense of hope and anticipation that I haven’t seen in our church yet.  Yes, there were a lot of people here for Easter who don’t usually attend, but there was a difference from our normal weekend services.  My take is this: people showed up celebrating Jesus, and expecting God to move in our time together.  I’m praying that this moves beyond being something we only see once or twice a year, and that our church family will grow into a community of people excited about what God is doing here.  Then, as we get together for our weekly services, I’m praying that everyone will show up with a huge sense of expectation and hope.  I can only imagine what our worship times will be like as we become people who authentically worship Jesus in and out of our entire week.

Here is the set we did for the Saturday & Sunday services:


My Savior Lives – G
Mighty To Save – G/A
Jesus Paid It All – A
Revelation Song – D
Christ The Lord Is Risen Today  (special: performed by Jared Utterback)
Nothing But The Blood – G  (my arrangement w/ a nod to Matt Redman) 

We also held a service on Good Friday to remember the cost of the Cross, and how much Jesus did for us.  Our pastors and some other leaders in the church, took verses from Isaiah 53 and shared some thoughts on those verses.  Here is the set I led for that service:


How Great Is Our God – C
The Wonderful Cross – D
The Old Rugged Cross – A  (my arrangement of the traditional hymn)
Once Again – G

I pray that God has blessed you this Easter!


April 4/5 Weekend Recap – Palm Sunday

OK….the weekend went great.  I feel bad that I haven’t had time this week to write.  So much going on planning for Easter, and my week has been crazy busy.  I’ll plan on writing more next week…and having a great report about what God’s going to do in people’s lives as we celebrate Easter together.

Here is the set list from this past weekend.

New Doxology – G
My Savior Lives – G
Savior – A
Here I Am To Worship – G
Hosanna – G

Thanks for your prayers as we plan to love on the new people coming to our church this weekend.