Living Streams Worship ::: March 20-21/2010 Weekend Recap

I’ve decided to change up the way I’m  putting my set-lists here on the blog.  Until now I’ve been listing our performance key, but I think it would be a bit more helpful to post the artist that my arrangements most closely match for that week.  There will be some songs where I can’t really find anything comparable, so in that case I’ll just post what I think is the most popular version.  If you have any questions about what key I’m doing songs in and what’s working in a live setting, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to get you that info.  I’ll continue to add iTunes links for the songs to make it easy for you to purchase and download tunes I’m using.

This week we used a quick custom track I laid down for God Be Praised, a new song I heard at the Gateway Worship Conference last month.  I just decided to do a simple track in GarageBand.  It was a little tricky because the song has a tempo change midway through and GarageBand has some limitations I had to work around.  I just added a pad and string track to my click and cue/guide tracks.  I’m loving this song live…it’s a great worship anthem that is easy for people to connect with.

Here is my set from this weekend:

Friend of God (Michael Gungor)
Let It Rise
(Big Daddy Weave)
I Surrender All (Traditional Hymn)
God Be Praised (unreleased song from Gateway Worship)
How Great Is Our God
(Chris Tomlin)

Are you using enhancement trax in your worship?

What are your thoughts about the new song God Be Praised?


Living Streams Worship ::: March 6-7/2010 Weekend Recap

This weekend I only led for our Saturday service.  Jay Murphy took the helm Sunday morning and I got to help out on the tech side of things and see things working from a non-platform perspective.  It was a nice change of pace for me.

I introduced a new song that we’ll be using more in the coming weeks.  I heard the song while at the Gateway Worship Conference last month and have been loving it.  Great message and it works in the live worship environment.  They’ll be recording it on their live recording this coming April, but I’m not sure of a release date yet.

My set on Saturday:

Today Is The Day – D
Your Name – G
Here In Your Presence – D
God Be Praised – A  (unreleased song from Gateway Worship)

Ciao –


Living Streams Worship ::: February 20-21/2010 Weekend Recap

On Saturday morning Pam & I were invited to come sing at talk about our work with World Vision at the Living Streams Seniors Ministry lunch.  I like to sing, I really like lunch and I love to talk about the work World Vision is doing, so this was a no brainer.  Even though there were only 23 people there, it was really exciting to see 4 kids get sponsored.  So cool!

Sunday I flew to Dallas with several guys on my team to attend the Gateway Worship Conference.  Sitting in the Phoenix airport we saw Scott MacIntyre from American Idol, season 8.  Had to grab a (blurry) pic for the kids…HA!

For the Saturday night service, I decided to go with a pretty basic band.  It was nice to let the sound breathe a little and give space to the three players and two vocalists.  Sunday morning services was pretty much the opposite.  We had a full band with both piano and synth, two guitars, bass, drums and two vocalists.

Here is the set list from the weekend:

All Because Of Jesus – A
My Savior Lives – A
Be Thou My Vision – E (with new chorus by Andy Allen, recording not yet available)
Revelation Song – D
You Are My King (Amazing Love) – D

Hope your week is amazing!


February 28/March 1 Weekend Recap

I spent the first part of this past week (Monday-Wednesday) in Dallas, TX at the Connect Worship Conference hosted by Gateway Church.  Probably one of the best conferences I’ve ever attended.  A huge emphasis on giving us time to seek God and spend time worshipping Him, and a lot of practical teaching as well.  I went with Lance Rauhoff, our Executive Pastor, and 4 other guys from our Worship Arts Ministry at Living Streams.

I came into this weekend refreshed and ready to be in God’s presence with our church.  Here are the songs we led this week:

New Doxology – G
Awesome Is The Lord Most High – G
Savior – A
Amazed – D
Mighty To Save – G/A

 Because our church has such a wide demographic, there are definitely some adjustments being made as we work to implement a new vision, and love on people in our church right where they are at.  I’m praying that God will unify our hearts and really help our people move beyond issues of taste and style, and move into a place where we are all genuinely seeking the heart of God together.

February 21-22 Weekend Recap

Here’s the set list from this weekend:

All Because Of Jesus – A (we don’t do the ending like Fee because it seemed like the congregation couldn’t follow it…and I still have mixed feelings about the way this song sounds in a lower key)
Savior – A
You Are Good – A
Once Again – G
Wonderful Maker – Ab 

At the end of the Sunday services, Pastor Mark gave people the opportunity to write down some things in their life that they needed to get rid of.  It was a great tie-in to illustrate the message.  As people left, they could throw the papers into wast-baskets by the exit doors, or into a fire pit in the courtyard.  I love the powerful image of getting rid of junk in our lives.

Saturday night, after service, we had a worship night in The Basement.  Luis Acosta led, and along with a drummer and singer, I played in the band to back him.  There were about 30 people who came down from 8-10 pm as we spent a really cool time in worship.  I am excited to see more and more opportunities for us to use The Basement as a venue for people to connect and spend time with God.

This week I will be in Dallas, TX at a worship conference with a few people from our ministry here at Living Streams.  The conference is at Gateway Church, a church with an incredible worship ministry, and a church that does things with excellence as well.