Living Streams Worship ::: March 6-7/2010 Weekend Recap

This weekend I only led for our Saturday service.  Jay Murphy took the helm Sunday morning and I got to help out on the tech side of things and see things working from a non-platform perspective.  It was a nice change of pace for me.

I introduced a new song that we’ll be using more in the coming weeks.  I heard the song while at the Gateway Worship Conference last month and have been loving it.  Great message and it works in the live worship environment.  They’ll be recording it on their live recording this coming April, but I’m not sure of a release date yet.

My set on Saturday:

Today Is The Day – D
Your Name – G
Here In Your Presence – D
God Be Praised – A  (unreleased song from Gateway Worship)

Ciao –



Living Streams Worship ::: February 6-7/2010 Weekend Recap

Ahhh…the Super Bowl.  Rarely am I very interested in the game itself.  Our family is generally more excited to see all the commercials than the game.  Last year, because we had just moved to Phoenix, there was an excitement here because the Cardinals were in it.  This year it’s pretty much about the commercials again.  I’ll make my ridiculous Super Bowl dip and we’ll pile on the couch for a few hours.  Fun times.

I took last weekend away to see what was happening at a couple other churches in the valley.  It was a nice change of pace, and I appreciate Luis Acosta and Jay Murphy for leading in my stead.

This weekend we had two very solid teams and our services went great.  There was a great flow and ease to the worship sets.

Here is the set from the weekend:

New Doxology – G
Awesome Is The Lord Most High – G
Your Name – G
Savior – G
All Who Are Thirsty
– G

Have a great week!


November 7-8 Weekend Recap

Pig PlagueI’ve spent the better part of this week in bed fighting off the H1N1 Swine Flu…or Pig Plague as I’m calling it.  I got to the doctor early on so I’ve been on a cocktail of meds.  My symptoms were primarily extreme fatigue, coughing and body aches.  The coughing jacked my voice early in the week, and I knew there was no way I could sing this weekend.  Luis Acosta and Jay Murphy both graciously agreed to step-up and fill in for me this weekend.

Here is the set Luis led Saturday:

Your Grace Is Enough
Our Love Is Loud
How He Loves
Rain Down

Here is the set Jay led Sunday:

Today Is The Day – D
Friend of God
– D
Revelation Song
– D
– D
My Jesus I Love Thee – B
(with new chorus by Andy Allen, recording not yet available)

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and well-wishes.  I’m sure I’ll be back in the pocket this coming week.


September 5-6 Weekend Recap

Christmas In September

Christmas In September

I was away at Young Life’s Lost Canyon Family Camp this past weekend.  My family and I had a great time playing and spending some quality time together.  We even had a Christmas in September dinner party…great fun!

At home, our services went on as usual, with David Stockton and Jay Murphy leading worship in my absence.  I heard great reports, and am so glad to have people willing and able to lead when I’m not at home.

Here are the set lists from the services this weekend:

Saturday (led by David Stockton)

O Praise Him – F
Center – F
Faithful One – F
Fire Fall Down – F
Come Thou Fount – A
Jesus Paid It All – A
Mighty To Save – A

Sunday (led by Jay Murphy)

Friend of God – D
Your Grace Is Enough – G
Son of God – G
Jesus Paid It All – Bb
Majesty – C

Have a great week!


August 8-9 Weekend Recap

iphone_3gThis week I finally picked up an iPhone.  I’ve been waiting close to 2 years for my Verizon contract to expire so I could get one.  So, I’m retiring my Blackberry and finally enjoying all the iPhone has to offer.  Yeah, I’m a geek and find pleasure in stupid things like this.

Saturday night I had Jay Murphy lead worship.  Jay had been approached by some former Phoenix Christian High School students about putting a ‘reunion choir’ together, and we figured a Saturday night would be a great setting.  I got to play synth, which was a blast because I usually play guitar in worship these days…so that was definitely a treat.  The band was great, and it was fun to have a well rehearsed choir there.  David Stockton just returned from a trip to Belize and spoke on faith, and how God wants us to step out in faith and trust that He’ll work in our lives.  There were also baptisms following the service.  So cool to see God working in people’s lives.

Here is the Set List from Saturday:

Friend of God – D
Your Grace Is Enough
– G
Mighty To Save
– A
Revelation Song
– E
Jesus Paid It All
– Bb

Pastor Mark returned this week from a month on vacation, so we begin to move back more toward a normal routine as we head into the Fall.  School begins for most students in the next two weeks, and we continue working to reach out into our community.

Here is the Set List from Sunday:

Awesome Is The Lord Most High – G
My Savior Lives – G
Hosanna – G
The Stand – A
You Are My King (Amazing Love) – D

Enjoy your week!