Living Streams Worship ::: March 20-21/2010 Weekend Recap

I’ve decided to change up the way I’m  putting my set-lists here on the blog.  Until now I’ve been listing our performance key, but I think it would be a bit more helpful to post the artist that my arrangements most closely match for that week.  There will be some songs where I can’t really find anything comparable, so in that case I’ll just post what I think is the most popular version.  If you have any questions about what key I’m doing songs in and what’s working in a live setting, leave a comment and I’ll be happy to get you that info.  I’ll continue to add iTunes links for the songs to make it easy for you to purchase and download tunes I’m using.

This week we used a quick custom track I laid down for God Be Praised, a new song I heard at the Gateway Worship Conference last month.  I just decided to do a simple track in GarageBand.  It was a little tricky because the song has a tempo change midway through and GarageBand has some limitations I had to work around.  I just added a pad and string track to my click and cue/guide tracks.  I’m loving this song live…it’s a great worship anthem that is easy for people to connect with.

Here is my set from this weekend:

Friend of God (Michael Gungor)
Let It Rise
(Big Daddy Weave)
I Surrender All (Traditional Hymn)
God Be Praised (unreleased song from Gateway Worship)
How Great Is Our God
(Chris Tomlin)

Are you using enhancement trax in your worship?

What are your thoughts about the new song God Be Praised?


Living Streams Worship ::: January 23-24/2010 Weekend Recap

The services went really well this weekend.  Even with separate teams on Saturday and Sunday services, there is a cool flow to the way the tech and platform teams are working together.

We’ve used a click off and on, but I’m implementing it on a more consistent basis now.  We’ve purchased a Tama Rhythm Watch and our drummers run it.  Over the past year I’ve changed the way we’re set up on the platform, moved completely to a quiet stage with In-Ear Monitors and now bringing in the click to keep the band solid.  Change can sometimes be a challenge, but kudo’s to my worship peeps for hanging in there with me.  I’ve seen a huge improvement in the technical and musical side of our worship ministry.

Here is the set from this weekend:

Mighty To Save – G/A
Great Is Our God – A   (Andy Allen original, recording not available yet)
Come Thou Fount, Come Thou King – C
Hosanna – E
Beautiful Beautiful – Dm (Special Music Performed by Ivy Weesner)
All Who Are Thirsty – G (Saturday)
Son of God – G  (Sunday)

Have a great week!


New Drum Booth

Drum BoothThis past week we made some long-awaited changes to our platform.  I have been lobbying for this since last December and was pretty excited to see this finally happen.  The drum booth that has been here since long before I came on staff last year just wasn’t cutting it.  The design was terrible.  We couldn’t see the drummer because it was mostly solid wood with just a little clear plexi on the top, and it didn’t contain sound in our room because there was no lid on the thing.

The first step was to remove stair-step choir risers at the rear of our platform.  We kept the elevation at about 14″ above our main platform so that the drums would be up a bit, and now in the center of the room.  There was quite a bit to rebuild and we still had to have a second step because of existing concrete.  Then we installed carpet to match.

I designed a new drum enclosure that has full plexiglass on the front and sides, with a sound-absorbing lid.  I did not do a full enclosure with a back because we wouldn’t have any way to control the temperature in the booth, and since we live in the desert…that’s a fairly important consideration.  To handle the sound coming out the back of the booth we’ve placed a couple initial panels directly behind the booth, and then installed Owens-Corning 703 rigid fiberglass insulation covered in burlap on the walls at the rear of our platform to absorb a good deal of the sound.

We’ll still be working out the kinks and tweaking things for the next few weeks, but the difference has been very obvious right away.  Our Audio Tech Crew will now be able to control more tone and levels and mix the drums into the mains.  This allows for so much more control over the volume in our room, an important component to mixing worship services, or any live band for that matter.  Another huge benefit is that our entire team can now see each other.  No more missed cues to the drummer, or between the drummer and bass player because he’s hidden behind a wall.

Thanks to everyone on our crew who helped make this happen!


July 18-19 Weekend Recap

Worship Music TechAfter a week off for vacation, the weekend kicked off early on Saturday with a Worship Music Tech Conference at Calvary Community Church here in Phoenix.  Several of our tech team members were able to be there for the Friday sessions.  There was some really informative stuff for us there, and it was cool because this was put on by some local worship guys.  There is so much to learn as we implement technology into our worship services…wanting it to be a support, not a distraction.  I appreciate the work these guys did putting this conference together.

David Stockton spoke at all 3 of our weekend services.  He is teaching out of the book of James, and really bringing home the fact that God is not impressed or moved by what we do, aside from us having faith.  Our faith moves the heart of God and gets His attention…God notices faith.

Here is the set list from this weekend:

New Doxology – G
Holy Is The Lord – G
Your Name – G
Wonderful Maker – G
Save Me – E

I hope you have a great week!


May 30-31 Weekend Recap

Living Streams SanctuaryOur tech team has spent a lot of time this week working on our sound booth and audio system.  We pulled most of the audio equipment out of the booth, rewired it, and have plans to reset our Line Array Speakers this coming week under the supervision of an expert consultant from the Arizona Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences.  There are so many factors that determine our ability to support our weekend services without technical distractions, and we’re working hard to correct things that aren’t working as they should, or could.  I’m thrilled to see progress and thankful for the diligent work of our tech crew.

There was a great sense of corporate/collective worship this weekend.  I’m sensing that we are growing more each week in our unity as a church to worship freely together.  I continue to pray that God will draw us together and release a spirit of joy, celebration and depth in our worship.

Here is our set list from this weekend:

My Savior Lives – G
Awesome Is The Lord Most High – G
Here I Am To Worship – G
The Wonderful Cross – D
Beautiful The Blood – A
The Stand – A

Have a great week….let me know if there is any way we can pray for you.